Could Your Child Be Gifted?

Gifted children are those children with abilities, potentials, and talents that are outstanding and set them apart from all of their peers. Giftedness usually means having an IQ over 130 and high performance in one out of 5 areas: specific academic excellence, general intellectual ability, leadership ability, artistic ability or creative thinking.

There are times when gifted children are identified when they do well in school, but in most cases, the parents are able to suspect this gift way before they enter school. How do you tell if your child is gifted ? What about any early signs? You can consider your child is gifted if you see any of these traits in him or her:

  • Starts walking or talking at a very early age.
  • Has a very good memory.
  • Has a very long attention span.
  • Is curious a lot of the time.
  • Expresses himself/herself quite well for their age.
  • Shows an interest quite early in understanding concepts like time, sharing, and logic.
  • Learns how to read even before they go to school.

There are very few children who would be able to exhibit all of these traits at the same time. Some may even be slow, to begin with, but catch up and start excelling later on. Albert Einstein started talking at age 4 and could only read after he was 7.

If you feel your child is gifted, you should start the testing as soon as possible. Waiting for your child to go to school is not as reliable as you may imagine. If you find what your child is doing to be impressive then you should not stand in the way but should help them reach their full potential. Create a loving, encouraging, stable environment where he/she can continue growing. Given them as much freedom of movement as possible.