Top Study Abroad Programs for Gifted Students

Individuals who are classified as “gifted” have outstanding potential, and while much of their talents are innate, many of them need to be honed or have yet to be developed. The right school can help gifted students recognize their full potential and thrive in an increasingly competitive world.

Study abroad programs are designed to help students grow in ways that they wouldn’t be able to in their home country. Gifted students stand to learn a lot during a semester away. However, they shouldn’t just apply to any semester abroad program; they should apply to one that is challenging, invigorating and designed with the talented youth in mind. Below are just three of the top study abroad programs for gifted students:

  • People to People Student Ambassadors: This program has schools around the globe and programs for all ages. The goal of the program is to offer students a hands-on experience by immersing students in the local community. Courses focus on helping pupils build the foundation they need for personal growth and success.
  • Tufts University Summit: Located in France, this program has little space, which means that only the most gifted of the gifted get accepted. The school offers programs for all grade levels up through university, and focuses on study, contemplation and exploration.
  • Yale University Summer Session: Yale is an outstanding student in and of itself, so it would only make sense that its summer program for the talented youth would be exceptional as well. Students who are accepted into the program study for the entire summer in a rigorous and innovative academic environment. The goal is to prepare undergraduates for the arduous task that is higher learning.

If your child is gifted, help them hone their talents. Look into the programs mentioned above, as they are some of the top study abroad programs the academic world has to offer.